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People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things.

Sir Edmund Hilary, New Zealand mountaineer

Today’s world of ‘always on’ and complete reliance on technology has diminished our abilities to be fully engaged and aware of our environment.

We deliver empowered expeditions and survival training in the worlds most remote locations.  Allowing individuals and teams to gain and test new skills, build confidence and reconnect with nature.

Great leaders are built from great experiences. We deliver them.

What we offer

Bespoke expeditions up the Yukon river, coupled with intensive training to provide lifelong survival, wilderness, bush craft, map reading and navigation skills.

People. Our company is founded by individuals with extensive military and adventure careers.  Our directing staff have survived and thrived in every environment in the world.  

Empowerment. Our missions is to teach individuals to survive in nature.  You will lead the expedition on the river and are empowered to use the skills you have learnt to direct and lead the group.  This approach builds your confidence and allows you to build a foundation of lived and tested experience that will be used for the rest of your life.

Last real frontier. More people have been to Everest than have been to the farther points of the expedition.  Dawson City was the limit of the gold rush in the 1800's - these explorers largely did not travel beyond this point and coupled with a decline in the native population we can guarantee that you will be entirely disconnected from the modern world

We provide a truly unique experience for those wishing to discover just how far they can go.

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